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  • The U.S. needs to stop ignoring Tanzania’s media crackdowns

    May 16, 2015  /  IN News  /  0 COMMENT

    Tanzania, a country that has long been upheld by Washington as an example of transparency and governance in Africa, is on the verge of enacting some of the most draconian laws on data sharing in the region. And it’s being […]

  • Mabadiliko tunayoyasubiri kama Manna kutoka mbinguni

    December 8, 2014  /  IN News  /  0 COMMENT

    Huwa tumezoea kusikia kuwa Mabadiliko ni mimi, ni wewe (, ya kuwa tunatakiwa tuwe chachu ya Mabadiliko. na – tokea 2008, baada ya kampeni na ushindi wa Obama – ‘Mabadiliko huanza na wewe’. Cha ajabu ingawa tunarudiarudia sana maneno haya […]


    March 15, 2014  /  IN News  /  0 COMMENT

    This is my first blog entry since I was nominated by President Jakaya Kikwete to the Constituent Assembly in February. And I do not intend to spend any time discussing events that took place so far. Instead I want to […]

  • Skin of color

    July 3, 2013  /  IN News  /  0 COMMENT

    My first trip to West Africa was to Abidjan, Ivory Coast during my Easter break. I was excited to see and experience the culture in the West especially knowing that with the French influence and creativity, I could expect good […]

  • “Unless you will be converted and become like children”…

    June 29, 2013  /  IN News  /  0 COMMENT

    “It is utterly false and cruelly arbitrary to put all the play and learning into childhood, all the work into middle age, and all the regrets into old age.” wrote Margaret Mead. And that is something to think about. Childhood […]